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In 1944, Flight instructor Duane Hodgkinson claimed that he saw a “pterodactyl” near Finschhafen on the northeast coast of the Morobe province of Papua New Guinea. He described it as a flying creature that had a wingspan as large as that of the Piper Tri-Pacer airplane that he owns. Hodgkinson said that the creature had a head crest and that its tail was more or less fifteen feet long.

Fifty years after the first known sighting, Gideon Koro, Wesley Koro, and Mesa Agustin claimed that they saw a similar creature flying above the lake “Pung”. Each of the creature’s wings was at least seven meters long. They were sure that it had no feathers. The long tail’s end was diamond shaped and its mouth looked like that of a binance signals crocodile.

The creatures that Hodgkinson and the Koros saw are often referred to by many crypto zoologists as the Ropen. According to the description of the Ropen hunters, these creatures are pterodactyl-like beings. What makes the Ropen akin to these age-old dinosaurs is the fact they have no feathers and they generally look like giant bats, but with mouths like that of a crocodile, characterized with a beak-like form.

Ropens have been reported to live in the area of Papua New Guinea, specifically in Umboi Island. According to the natives of the area, the ropens are nocturnal creatures that glow. The natives call that glow “indava”. Crypto zoologists claimed that the glow came from the bioluminescence released by these creatures.

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