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When I was a boy on a Missouri farm, I looked at our herd of swine as garbage disposals to grow sugar how to clear a cloudy pool with baking soda cured hams and tasty bacon. In the smoke house, I would cure the hams and slabs of bacon. I rubbed them with, and packed them in, curing salts made of brown sugar and salt. One day, a thief stole what he knew would be some mighty good eatin’. After that, I put the smoke house under lock and chain.

My pragmatic mind sought for the scientific reason of WHY swine was “unclean”. So over the years, I did mental gymnastics with everything I learned about pigs. A bell would go off in my head when I heard the expression from the lips of a person who had exercised or worked hard, “I’m sweating like a pig!” because I knew pigs did not have sweat glands. That was my second clue.

The first clue was “garbage disposal” and other clues developed when I saw pigs eating anything, and I mean anything, that was dead. They would root for and eat a grain of corn in the worst of filth while wallowing in the mud. I was amused that the one thing pigs would not eat was beautiful vine ripened tomatoes. They will only eat tomatoes after they are rotten.

My daddy taught me that the hog was one animal that could not look up. He told me that, “It has a stiff neck and cannot see the sky, the heavens, the stars. It can only see the mud and filth that it calls home.”

The pig has a basic and fast digestive system. Normally in less than four hours its food is digested. Toxins permeate pig fat from rotten food and garbage and the toxins are there to stay. It is not a good thing that it has no sweat glands to help remove the poisons.

According to Dr. Josh Axe, the CDC confirms that more than 100 viruses come to US each year via pigs from China which is the world’s largest producer of pork. The H1N1 (swine flu) virus is a serious threat to human health. Hog meat is loaded with toxins and parasites which are not easily removed even by cooking well done. The larvae of the trichinella spiralis roundworm is the major concern of eating pork. Trichinellosis is epidemic in the Orient.

Trichinella live in the cysts of the pig’s stomach and survives the acids. The female worm produces some 1,500 larvae that hatch, and make their way into the lymphatic system where they can be transported throughout the body before consumed by humans. Once in the human body these hairlike worms can start the cycle again where they can settle in muscle tissue, grow into coils, develop protective cysts and, unless abated, populate growing parasite communities. Or, they may lie dormant in the human body for 25 years.

Trichinellosis is a serious human illness that causes aching joints, muscle pain, heart problems, breathing challenges, swollen eyes, coughing spells, headaches, fever, chills, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. As if that is not enough, a few additional contaminants you should be concerned about in pig meat include, but are not limited to, Taenia solium tapeworms, Menangle viruses, Nipah viruses, and Hepatitis E viruses.

If you are eating or have eaten bottom feeders from land or sea, there are two things you should consider: One: Stop it. And two: Take wise and appropriate action to detox and de-worm. Modulate your immune system so your body can take control.

Over the years I have gone through detox a number of times that resulted in serious cleansing. I recall the three times that I pushed through “healing crises” with flu-like symptoms. An introductory detox may be found in the Lemonade Diet protocol which we have used a few times. The little yellow Lemonade Diet book is available at health food stores.

Since the mid-1990s my wife and I have continued a daily regimen of Smart Sugars which I discuss at length in my books and articles. Glycoscience studies support sugar benefits for obtaining and maintaining healthier organs and cells throughout the human body. We credit Smart Sugars for improved health, sustained health, and the fact that neither of us take any medication and never expect to need drugs.

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