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Owning a custom iphone and Android app for your restaurant will open the door for many great promotional strategies. Custom restaurant apps gives the restaurateur 24/7 access to a direct line of communication with their customer-base. Restaurants are now easily accessible by users wanting to know more about their history, menu, specials and more. One feature however is actively changing the way things have always been done before – In-App Reservations.

Customers are now provided with a convenient feature within the restaurant’s app allowing them to make reservations, receive email notifications confirmations with the time, party size and date, and get turn-by-turn directions to the restaurant location. 交友app Reservations are free and can be made around the clock. App users are completely accommodated with In-app custom features by the restaurant including being able to choose from utilizing Google’s GPS map and directions or directly calling the restaurant with the easy one-touch button residing on the landing page of the restaurant’s custom app.

Reservation systems like Open Table are saving business owners time and eventually money by allowing a convenient way for customers to reserve a spot at their favorite eatery. Open Table has more than 20, 000 restaurant customers and has helped more than 200 million diners globally since its inception in 1998. Restaurant mobile app developers should always provide restaurant owners with an east-to-use backend reservation management system. This system allows restaurant owners to develop superior guest recognition. Due to the “real-time” availability, reservations systems immediately record information to the database. The greatest benefit for business owners is the time and money it will end up saving you in the long run.

There are multiple reasons why restaurants and other businesses are employing the mobile app strategy within their marketing tactics, but the most common is to have an advantage over their competition. Nearly 65% of small businesses agree that wireless technologies help provide a better competitive advantage for businesses. Mobile apps are a great time-saver for both you and your customers. Many are wondering, could mobile apps be the next big gain for marketing restaurants? So far, thousand of restaurants are coming aboard the new innovative app craze to get ahead of their competitors and it’s working. If you’re a restaurant owner interested in mobile marketing for your business, be sure that your mobile app developer can provide you with the option of also choosing from the OpenTable Reservation System.

AppSuite is a leading provider of iphone and Android application development for the Food and Beverage industry. AppSuite develops low-cost restaurant apps for fine dining restaurants, casual restaurants, coffee shops, bars and clubs. AppSuite’s restaurant app and content management system (CMS) allows restaurateurs to rapidly deploy an iphone or an Android App without the high cost of developing their own app. It requires no special skills or software. CMS platform allows the restaurateur to conveniently build, brand and expand their business to the growing population of mobile users. If you are running a business, then you might want to consider using the Google Apps™ service. These are popular apps, and they can do wonders for businesses of all sizes, yet some people are reluctant to try them. The reluctance usually stems from not knowing what the apps are or how to integrate them into their business. The first step in getting these Google Apps to work with your business is in understanding what they are and how they can help. Once you see what they are and what they can offer your business, you will see why they are such a good idea!

What are Google Apps?

Google Apps is a service from Google, the most popular search engine in use today. They offer many different types of apps that you can use for a variety of different things around the office, and these apps are in the cloud. The cloud is a current buzzword with which most people will be familiar. When something is stored in the cloud, it is stored in an online server that is accessible from any computer, as long as you have the passwords or rights to view the content. It’s a way to ensure that the information you have is safe and easily available to you and others who work at your company. Google has been using the cloud for a number of years, but it is now starting to catch on across the world.

Many of the Google Apps replicate other programs that you might have on your computer. Again, the difference is in the cloud technology. It allows multiple users to access the data, update it, and make their own notes. This can help to increase productivity for everyone. Some of the most popular of the apps are similar to what one might see in MS Office. For example, the Google Docs™ program is an app that works similar to a word processor, except multiple people will be able to work on a document at the same time.

Another app is the Google Calendar™ calendaring application, which is useful for companies large and small. It’s possible to note meetings, ship dates, and more on the calendar so that everyone will be on the same page. Google Talk and Gmail are two other apps with which you might be familiar and which can be extremely beneficial for your business.

Of course, even if you are a sole proprietor, you will be able to get plenty of use out of Google Apps. While you might not need to use all of them, there are certainly going to be a few from which you will be able to benefit greatly.

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