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There are many mom & baby care products on the market that can be used by both moms and babies. These products can be all-natural or easy on the purse. While it is tempting to pretend to use these products, deep down we know who will benefit from them more: mom or the baby. Here are some tips to ensure that your baby is safe and healthy. Use these products to keep your baby’s skin soft and clean.

Su Su eel porridge - Weaning menu for 8 months baby

Weleda has long been a leader in the world of eco-friendly personal care products. Their plant-based formulas, made with ingredients such as soothing calendula, nourishing an dam blw. white mallow, and vitamin E, keep your baby’s delicate skin free of chemicals and preservatives. For an all-natural option, you can purchase a full set of Weleda products for your baby and yourself.

Various companies in India have entered the mom & baby care products segment. Emami has launched an ayurvedic baby massage oil based on research from Himani Ayurvedic Science Foundation. It is marketed as the “ayurvedic expert for babies” and has ingredients that have been scientifically tested. Several studies show that this market will grow by 40 percent in the next year to Rs 4,200 crore.

The Aquaphor multipurpose cleanser is gentle enough to use as a face wash, and it can be used on delicate areas of the body as well. You can also try baby oil, which works wonders on sticky poop and soothes chapped skin. Baby oil is perfect for babies and is often found in diaper rash products. It is a natural barrier between the diaper and baby’s delicate skin. And since it does not cause irritation to skin, it is great for dry and chapped skin.

If you are looking for eco-friendly mom & baby care products, you can always sign up for the Mother Well Mama Box. The subscription service includes a variety of products from small companies with no toxins or chemicals. You can also customize your box to match the stage of pregnancy and the age of your child. You can even gift a subscription to this service to a new mommy-to-be. That way, she’ll get all the best products that will make her look and feel beautiful.

Today’s consumers place health at the top of their priorities. This is especially true in the baby market. As parents become increasingly conscious of the effects of artificial chemicals and pollution on the environment, they’re looking for more assurance in the ingredients of their baby care products. As a result, more moms are choosing natural ingredients for their baby products instead of artificial ones. And the ongoing pandemic has only fueled this trend. It’s clear that moms want their children to have the best possible immune system possible.

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